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About Me 😊

Hey, my name is Natalie. I became a Body Image Coach to allow me to help you and share the tools and skills I learnt through my qualifications, professional work and personal experience.
I myself battled for over 20 years with a negative body image. I understand the impact it has on your feelings, thoughts, and behaviours. I used to define my worth by my weight and size.
I counted calories obsessively, over exercised, I would avoid going out and started to find flaws everywhere. I became paranoid, anxious and depressed. My moods would fluctuate rapidly, I became irritable and lost all confidence. I needed reassurance and compliments constantly to feel positive.
I knew I was losing control, I did things in ‘secret’ and didn’t feel like I could talk to my family, as they didn’t understand, they would say things like ‘you have a good figure’…. But at what cost?! Nobody really knew what was going on.
I realised I needed to focus on something positive, empower myself and have a future goal. So, I went to University around my fulltime job. I received a 1st Degree in Psychology and Health and a masters in Forensic Psychology, I was so proud and realised ‘I am more than my body!’. I felt AMAZING.
I met others that really helped me and learnt how to manage my feelings and thoughts, switch up my beliefs about myself and set myself goals to improve my mental and physical health. I started working as a mentor and psychological intervention worker in Addiction and Prison Services, helping individuals to make positive changes, break negative cycles, set goals for the future and achieve them!
It felt clear to me that the next step was to help other people connected to my struggle, although I know we all battle in our own way! I completed my accredited Professional Life Coaching Diploma and certificates in Confidence Coaching and Goal Setting for Success and created my Body Image Coaching business.
I now am blessed to be able to support other women to build a positive body image and live a happy and healthy life whilst also raising my 2 beautiful and crazy daughters alongside my partner Ste!
My story had a happy ending, yours can too 😊
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